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MAG Needs You

MAG Needs You

You will be aware that MAG events have had to be cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19, and that these events bring in a large proportion of MAGs income. We are, of course, working to identify economies where possible, to limit recourse to reserves. However, if you feel that you could make a donation, however small, to support MAG at this difficult time, it would be very gratefully received. Thank you and stay safe.

To give a donation follow the link from the MAG Home Page at: Donate

New MAG campaign for default bus lane access.

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is today launching a new campaign for default bus lane access. New research shows that motorcycles can currently use 48% of all ‘with-flow’ bus lanes in the UK. MAG say it is time for local authorities to stop debating and start delivering. MAG has released a new report that for the first time collates UK-wide information on motorcycle access in bus lanes. The report shows that of the 159 local transport authorities with bus lanes, just 56 allow motorcycle access.

Report author Colin Brown said:

“This research has revealed the successes of three decades of campaigning by MAG on this issue. Given the complexity and stumbling blocks placed between a coherent national policy and a totally unnecessary exclusion of motorcycles from bus lanes, we have done well to gain access to 48% of the nation’s bus lanes. We have also shown the ludicrous situation where access permissions change along certain routes or in opposite directions on the same road. We have had three decades of expensive local trials but the overwhelming result of all these is that motorcycle access to bus lanes is not a problem. It is time for a consistent default access for motorcycles, just as already exists informally for pedal cycles.”

A petition has been raised by Birmingham-based barrister Dr Mirza Ahmad asking the Government to require local authorities in England to permit motorcycles in bus lanes. MAG is asking motorcyclists - and indeed all road users - to sign the petition.

Firstly, MAG is calling for a further meeting with Roads Minister, Baroness Vere of Norbiton. The Minister previously asked MAG to list its top five priorities. Bus lane access was the issue that MAG members voted as their first ask. MAG will then approach decision-makers in Wales and Scotland to promote the sensible approach taken in Northern Ireland. The Department for Infrastructure allows motorcycle access in all bus lanes in NI. Finally, MAG has vowed to redouble efforts with key authorities that still do not allow access. MAG is already pushing for meetings with Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham and Leicester, as well as discussing with Transport for London (TfL) how best to get London Boroughs to accept a common policy.

Colin Brown said:

“Even Sadiq Khan agrees that all London boroughs should allow motorcycle access. TfL adopted a blanket policy on all red routes, but many boroughs are still opposed to motorcycle access. If we can get Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham and Leicester on board that would be another 60 miles of access. Of course, if these councils are smart, they will back our calls for default access as this would save them money and there would be no argument for yet more trials.”

New MAG campaign default bus lane access Video: Youtube Video

The petition raised by Dr Mirza Ahmad can be found here: Petition

Obituary - Andrew Meredith.


During the night of 25th/26th March Andrew suddenly passed away in his sleep.

All who knew him are in shock and devastated at this news.

Andrew has worked tirelessly for MAG for decades overseeing the main MAG server and all that goes with it. I have no knowledge of anything IT specific and I remember during the many years he served as an Officer on MAG Western Region Committee being completely lost during IT speak.

Members often don’t know or recognise the dedication of those ‘working in the background’, however, the service that Andrew performed, in the age of technology, is probably the most important. Its how we all communicate with each other and how MAG communicates with the World. The amount Andrew saved MAG by using his expertise in pursuance of Riders’ Rights is immeasurable.

MAG always recognises the hard work of its volunteers and some years ago Andrew was made an Honorary Life Member of MAG in recognition of this consistent work and I remember him saying to me ‘now I don’t have to pay I’m not letting MAG lose that money, I’m going to sign up Sprout’ – this being his pet name for his beloved Son Isaac.

Much of Andrew’s motorcycling enjoyment came from his club membership of Ogri MCC who are as devastated as we in MAG who knew him well. We are all going to miss him very much.

Andrew was a devoted husband and Father and on behalf of Western Region and I’m sure many others in MAG we send to his widow and young Son our heartfelt condolences.

I’m going to steal words from Pete Walker and end this by saying, Ride free, Andy, ride free my friend. If anyone deserves it you do. Aine G.

Andrew's Funeral Final Arrangements. Tuesday 18th April

Can all cars and those not joining the Escort please go direct to West Wilts Crematorium, Devizes Road, Semington,Trowbridge,Wiltshire BA14 6HL : service is due to start 13:15


Bike/Trike Meeting Point is Stanley Park Sports Ground,Stanley Ln, Chippenham SN15 3RW.

Access from 11:15am Tuesday 18th April, there will be some OGRI folks there to organise everything. Be kitted up and ready to move by 12:15,

After the service, Andrew's better half Vicki has booked The Pewsham (used to be the Lysley Arms), London Rd, Chippenham SN15 3RU for folks to have a brew and natter.

Thank you to those of you who have volunteered to Escort and to those joining to pay respects to Andy.

Anne Gale Western Region Rep.

Regional Rep